Tactical Manhood

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Tactical Manhood
Defining  Masculinity by the gospel

“An emasculated church might smell sweeter and look nicer, and may even get in a whole lot less trouble, but ultimately, it is a church that is impotent. And while it might be less offensive, it is powerless to break through to the souls of the lost or to radically rescue the overlooked and the oppressed.”        Eric Ludy


Society today is confused about masculinity. Looking back thousands of years, what lessons of masculinity can we learn from the most important Man to ever walk the earth?

Today’s society is in confusion on the subject of manhood and masculinity. Multiple definitions exist of what exactly masculinity is—from John Wayne to Homer Simpson—and some people question whether there should even be such a thing as masculinity. Modern psychology has introduced the idea that gender traits are nothing but a social construct.

The influence of the homosexual lifestyle, mainstream media and the fashion industry has promoted an effeminate standard for males. From wearing longer hair to an inordinate focus on fashion and style—many have wondered if traditional manhood and masculinity are gone.

Today’s human ideas about masculinity and manhood are a far cry from the example Christ set in the flesh for all humanity, including males, to follow. But the Bible states, “For to this you were called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps” (1 Peter 2:21).

Yes, Jesus Christ came to earth as a male human and therefore is the standard of masculinity that every Christian male should strive to be. 

​In the next several months we will go on a journey of discovery. A discovery of how mankind was made, how we screwed it up and how Jesus, through the power of the Gospel sets an example for proper masculinity. Not only does Jesus set forward and example of what a real man is but provides the pathway and power of how to become a real man.  

We need to understand that manhood is not automatic… Its redemptive!